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Dr. Appleseed's Earth Initiatives

Posted by Catie Morse on

Dr. Appleseed’s is taking care of the plants that take care of us, ensuring supply for generations to come. This is what we call whole ecosystem care.


We're participating in the State of California’s 30x30 initiative -- to conserve 30% of California’s lands and coastal waters by 2030. Our small part? We’ve partnered with the California Native Seed Project to develop an accessible method for propagating elderberries from seed so that more plants are available to the restoration projects creating balanced ecosystems.


Restoring Pollinator Habitats here in the North Bay:

Through our sister non-profit organization, in the last year we have grown and donated over 780 elderberry trees to small farms, restoration projects, and individual gardeners. 

Elderberry is a keystone pollinator species, providing food, shelter, and shade for creatures big and small. Our native elderberry is also drought tolerant, making it a great choice for productive landscapes. As a culturally significant plant, humans have been cultivating elderberries for 4,000 years.


Dr. Appleseed’s practices climate smart sourcing. Local sourcing is climate smart. 


Most elderberry products are made from berries shipped from Croatia, Chile, or China. Our ingredients are sourced from small farms within the US, limiting our carbon footprint. We also use 100% organic ingredients. Our ingredients are certified organic which means they are non-GMO, farmed and processed without the use of harsh chemicals.


 Dr. Appleseed’s USDA Certified Organic Elderberry Supplements are formulated by a naturopathic doctor to preserve potency and honor efficacy. What’s in each bottle is fresh elderberries, full stop. By working with freshly-harvested elderberries we can leave out the stabilizers, artificial ingredients, and refined sugars that other brands rely on, giving your body a rest when it needs support. Best taken daily as an immune system ally, we are propagating a natural and preventative approach to well-being.


 Dr. Catie started Dr. Appleseed’s to propagate a naturopathic approach to immune system support using research-backed medicines found in our very own North American landscape. 

“My inspiration? The elderberry. A plant that feeds wildlife, soil, and conveniently, our everyday wellness. Many elderberry products contain a high amount of 'other ingredients' like sugar and alcohol which can disrupt the immune system when it needs support. Using my naturopathic training, I’ve formulated cleaner products made from fresh berries picked at peak potency and cold-processed to maintain efficacy. The result? Everyday wellness allies for the modern family: elders, children, and the sober-curious too!”

- Dr. Catie 

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