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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How many months will my Elderberry Extract last?
One bottle of Elderberry Extract Unsweetened has 27 servings and one bottle of Elderberry Extract with Honey has 22 servings per container. That means, with one serving each day, your bottles will last almost a month.
  • How long do they last?

Unopened, stored indoors, each bottle lasts 5 years. Consume each bottle within 90 days of opening. Refrigerate after opening!

  • Can I send as a gift?
Yes! Just enter your desired recipient's address for the shipping information! You can also give a bottle away in a gift bag for the holidays as well – planning ahead never hurts!
  • Is my bottle recyclable?
Yes! Better yet, they're great to re-use when the extract is done! When recycling the bottle, the lid goes to the landfill and recycle the glass per your municipal waste management's instructions.
  • Can I send the bottles back to you for re-use?
 Unfortunately, no. Due to health codes, re-use is not a capability we have at this time.
  • Is Elderberry Extract safe for use when you’re pregnant? Or nursing?
Please consult your healthcare practitioner for use if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition.
  • Are Dr. Appleseed’s products produced in a commercial kitchen?

Yes! We produce all of our products in a certified commercial kitchen and appropriate insurances, product process approval, and product laboratory testing.


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