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Elderberry Syrups or Elderberry Extract? What’s the difference?

Posted by Catie Morse on

What’s the difference between an elderberry syrup, and unsweetened elderberry extract?


I’m Catie Morse, ND owner and operator of Dr. Appleseed’s Elderberry Extract. Over the years, lots of people have asked about the difference between the more common elderberry syrups, and our elderberry extract. I wanted the “real deal” to recommend to friends and family as an easy-to-take immune system booster, with physician quality standards, whole ingredients, no additives, from a sustainable source of berries, made in the USA. Nothing like this was available on the market, so I made an elderberry extract after years of buying syrups that were overly sweetened, lacked potency, and lacked freshness.


100% Elderberries

Unlike elderberry syrups, our unsweetened elderberry extract is pure elderberries. No fillers. No sugars. No preservatives. That means no glycerin, no alcohol. Just pure elderberries. You can taste the difference here. 

Doctor Formulated and Handmade

All our Elderberry Extracts are doctor formulated, small batch and hand harvested. Hand bottling after a temperature controlled extraction and reduction process. It’s a meticulous interweaving of the old way and new technologies with one of the oldest remedies on the planet – the elderberry. This gives us complete control over the quality of the final product resulting in the most pure and potent elderberry supplement on the market.



Elderberry extract, because it contains no fillers, is much more concentrated than regular syrups. That means you only need ½ tsp for each dose -- 6x more concentrated than regular syrups.

Sustainable Wild Berries

Most elderberry products come from berries farmed in Italy and Poland. A product of the industrial age, the dehydrated or concentrated berries are shipped across the world to factories where they’re processed with sugar, water, alcohol, glycerin, and high fructose corn syrup. Our wild elderberry products are harvested fresh by hand in the Pacific Northwest from native blue elderberry plants where we plant more in the wild every year.


Due to the popularity of elderberry syrups, we’ve begun to produce a few of our own, in addition to the pure unsweetened concentrated extract. If you’re interested in that, check them out here!


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