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First DIY Video is HERE! How to plant your own elderberries!

Posted by Catie Morse on

We want to empower our community to engage with the natural world and nurture more wild elderberry populations to provide pollinators, birds, and animals with food and shelter. So we present the first in our series of short video DIY classes: How to Plant Elderries! Whether you're new to planting, or a seasoned gardener, everyone could benefit from taking a peek at this video!

Why? So many reasons to go native in your landscape! Elderberry has a lot to show us about how the web of life is connected. Insects use it as a home, birds and animals eat it’s berries, and we use it for natural remedies and food. Once established elderberries require a lot less water than non-native plants and are more resilient in the landscape and can grow in nearly any type of soil!



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