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New! Organic Elderberry Syrup with Mulling Spices

Posted by Catie Morse on


Dr. Catie Morse, founder and producer of Dr. Appleseed's Elderberry Extracts and Syrups is proud to announce our new Organic Elderberry Syrup made from sustainably grown and organic elderberries (Sambucus nigra). We're really excited to have CCOF certified organic products and we've got another post soon to explain what that means to us.

The vast majority of elderberry products are made using European elderberries for their high antioxidant profile and available clinical research, including data regarding drug-herb interactions for folks on pharmaceuticals.

Culinary and medicinal syrups, whether made at home or store bought, tend to be on the sweeter side and Dr. Appleseed’s Organic Elderberry Syrup is gently sweetened with maple syrup to round out the deep flavor of the berries, as a vegan alternative to honey. Our syrup is pure and potent, our ingredients are never dehydrated, and our entire formulation and bottling process is done by hand. Never any artificial flavors, or preservatives like glycerin.

We start by knowing our farmers, directly sourcing fresh elderberries. We cold press our elderberries to ensure the highest quality whole elderberry extract possible. Dr. Morse personally zests and juices organic oranges and combines everything together with our mulled spice mix. We process and hand bottle in small batches. From sourcing and examining ingredients for quality, freshness, taste, smell, and color, Dr. Morse is there to ensure that every bottle is perfect.

The mulling spice blend, including cinnamon, cloves, star anise, can also be sipped as a digestive aid, before or after meals as an herbal “bitter” promoting the integrity of the digestive lining and the natural digestive juices while being a go-to for daily uplifting and immune support routines. The recipe itself was birthed out of a class Dr. Morse taught called “How to Make Elderberry Syrup” at 5 Flavors Herbs in Oakland, CA. It was so delicious that Dr. Morse couldn’t pass up on making it the featured syrup flavor profile.

How strong is Dr. Appleseed’s Organic Elderberry Syrup?

Our Organic Elderberry Syrup with Mulling Spices is about half as concentrated as our extracts, a difference reflected in larger serving sizes, and larger bottles. Meaning this goes great as yummy elderberry shots, mocktails, and cocktails. Even kids appreciate a dose right off the spoon.

Our small batch process and small organic farm fresh elderberries offer up a delicious opportunity to enjoy a physician quality elderberry botanical supplement with all the vitality and goodness that comes with our handmade process.

It’s a seasonal delight (great holiday treat) and can be used in our mock tail recipe (use 1 tablespoon up to one shot) Check out our full article on the difference between an elderberry syrup and an elderberry extract. For a full article on health benefits, see our post from last year.


It’s a seasonal delight (great holiday treat) and can be used in our mocktail -- recipe below!

Spiced Elderberry Shrub Mocktail Recipe



  1. Combine all ingredients, mix, and sip (or take as a shot).
  2. If you have a sensitive stomach (or prefer a less tangy drink), add honey to the recipe to reduce the bite of the acidity. Dissolve the honey into the apple cider vinegar at room temperature before adding other ingredients to mix. Or omit the vinegar altogether.

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